March 29, 2007

Sister Shopping

After our visit with the social worker, I realized that neither Seth nor I have sat down with our kids and explained what is going to happen in the next year. After dinner that evening I started explaining that we would be getting two children, maybe a baby and a toddler. A sister and a brother, or maybe not, the whole time trying to make it vague (so no one is upset later) and understandable. This task was proving to be more difficult than I thought. So I went into the story of hwo we got Ella, "And do you remember how Mommy and Daddy went and got Ella from Ukraine? And that we didn't know how old your sister would be or what she would look like?" This lead to a discussion of how Ethiopia is different than Ukraine and they would send us pictures of our sister/brother before we go and get them. I thought it was all going well, paying close attention to the younger two. At this point Everett, in his ever-manipulative, convincing, big brother voice hollers, "BUT WAIT! This isn't fair. You and Daddy got to pick Ella out so I think that we should get to pick out this sister!"

Wow, guess we have to go back over that one again.

Is he not satisfied with OUR pick? Because I've gotten fond of the sister that WE picked out, and there is definitely NOT a return policy!

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