February 27, 2007

Life with five

We got home last night from a weekend away visiting my sister's family. We were greeted by loads of mail, included were the letters from INS requesting our presence to have "our biometrics taken" (ie fingerprinting done). The appointment is set for March 19, too bad as we would be in town the next week for another visit with the same sister. I'm not about to send the form back requesting another appointment! We will happily spend 4 hours in the car to avoid being lost in the shuffle. We also had a message from our social worker trying to schedule our first appointment with her.

On a different note-
My sister has two kids, 3 years and 8 months. Over the weekend I got the wonderful opportunity to watch my nephews (and my three kids) while while the other three adults vacated the premises. WHAT A HOOT! My mom called while the hullabaloo was in progress. She asked me how I liked five kids under the age of 6, and then laughed her head off. What a show of support! That leads to something I haven't really mentioned in detail. Seth and I are planning on requesting to adopt two children. I don't know more than that. I don't think he does either. As I'm thinking about this, it lends itself to another post since I can feel myself getting ready to be long winded :)

By the way, five really wasn't that bad. No one was (seriously) injured, they all ate lunch, they took naps, and I got about 30 minutes to myself. Pretty successful experiment I'd say.

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