February 12, 2007

Pregnant with paperwork

We have begun what is appropriately deemed the "paper pregnancy" for the second time in a year. All that we put into the domestic adoption that we were planning on doing has gone to waste (and the money that we spent to do the paperwork). So we are starting from scratch--new homestudy, fingerprints, notarized copies of anything and everything we have ever done. I really shouldn't whine (though doing another homestudy really stinks), because we get to keep the certificates for completing 24 hours of classes with our previous agency. I don't think that either of us could survive those again. Found out we only needed 5 hours with this agency--we will be the absolutely, positively most over-prepared parents they have ever met.

At this point we have been approved by our new agency, America World Adoption, and sent off the i600a to BCIS. The i600 is a request for the government to approve us to adopt a child from another country, they approve us by mailing back 'the 171'. This part of the dossier was the most difficult for us when we adopted Ella. I think it took us 5 months to get the completed 171 in the mail, so we wanted to get an EARLY start this time. I'm hoping that the delays before were related to the fact that we were in the South, everything moves at a slower pace down there. Here's for hoping that envelope reaches an efficent, sympathetic governmental employee. Seems like a pretty tall order.

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