February 22, 2007


We are experiencing some serious fog due to the warm temperatures (warm compared to zero) and the snow on the ground. The other night we were leaving church and the fog had arrived.
I comment to hubby, "Wow, this fog is so thick! It's hard to see!"
My youngest, "Huh, sog, what's sog?" He's in the far recesses of the van and obviously can't hear me very well, EVER.
My eldest, "No, FOG. It's Foggy."
Youngest replies, "It's soggy? Where is it soggy?"
Meanwhile I repeat, louder, "Fog, Fog, it's foggy."
Now my middle child decides to chime in, "Fog, Fog, like ribbit, ribbit, ribbit."

Yeah, thanks for the help.


Tami said...

HeeHeeHee! This sounds like just about every conversation we have in our van! I'm tempted to put in an intercom so our oldest son can hear us when we tell him to stop bonking his sister in the head with his Happy Meal Toy!

Apryl said...

Ugh, isn't talking in a van the pits? I don't know why they don't make them with intercoms, that would be great...and maybe one of those little glass plates that could slide up between the children and I!