April 30, 2010

Bon Voyage

Dear Diapers,

We've known each other for ten long years. I never thought the day would come that we would bid you farewell. Your ability to control leaks though you are sagging below the knees has always amazed me. I apologize for all of the times I complained about the price we pay for you, as I recently paid $10 for a mere 6 pack of undies. Josiah didn't want you to leave, and neither did I. We both confess that it wasn't your leakage control or stretchy tabs that kept you around. It was laziness.

My laziness is also the reason I'm saying goodbye. Josiah loves you so much that each diaper change requires wrestling him to the floor. He has an attachment to you that has been hard to break, but Bob the Builder undies finally won him over. I'm sorry I stooped to such behavior.

It worked. But, oh, how I missed you the first day that he hid in the yard and 'took care of business' in the grass. I lamented our decision while I cleaned his legs and the dog rolled in 'it'. I also lamented that I had given him nearly a quart of grape juice to aid in our potty efforts. I yearned to have you back in our lives.

We have stayed strong and I think we can finally say 'goodbye'.

Mom to five and avid underwear tosser


Carpenters said...

What a face! Oh happy day. I remember the day I packed away our cloth diapers very fondly. Now all I have to carry with me is a change of clothes for both children, season appropriate. Now come to think of it, which was easier?

ethiHOPEia said...

Hahaha! I've been known to toss underwear too! So glad those diaper changing days are gone for you. Happy Monday!

Rob and Candy said...

Henry makes the same face! Congrats on losing the diapers. What a big day.