May 5, 2010

Girl Trip

The girls and I made a trip to Yale last weekend. We drove so that Sally could come along and stayed overnight along the way with friends that we have missed. Everyone was thrilled and it had the makings of a great girl trip.

Then we actually left the house.

I was about ready to turn around and drop someone off 20 minutes into the trip for all of the questions and pleading she was doing. But, I think Yale might have been upset had we shown up without Ella. So we decided she could stay but she had to stop asking when we would get there and whether we would eat while there and could we please have a snack?

We ate breakfast in the car, snacked for 2 hours, and then had lunch in the car at 9:30 because I was sick of hearing about it. I think that stuffed them to the point of silence.

I honestly feel bad that Yale paid for the whole thing as we had a blast visiting with our special, missed friends. Ella reaped the rewards of two days having scans by picking things from their upgraded treasure chest. I wouldn't endure 45 minutes in an enclosed space for a million dollars, so she gets all sorts of kudos from me for doing it just to get a mechanical dinosaur.

Do the results actually benefit us? I really, honestly have no idea, but having more information must be better. If it isn't a benefit to us, it certainly will benefit someone else in the future.

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jill coen said...

You crack me up! "And then we left home" LOL I just left you a response comment on my blog and then thought, duh, she'll never see this! Soo here it is....

Apryl, I've missed you SO much too!! YOu can call anytime because there's not toooo much sleeping going on over here. When the kids sleep I "do" or it would never get done.

And you are everything a mother should be. I've seen you in action!!