October 9, 2009

Josiah's Birthday

Josiah's age has finally caught up with his attitude. We have long known that he is a brilliant child, reaching milestones far before his peers. That would mean he hit the terrible twos way back...when he turned one. We had all been hoping that he would quickly become a terrific three-year-old (or whatever that saying is)...but the terribles continue. He came to us adorable and well behaved. We quickly ruined him. Obsessed with cars and trucks, lulled to sleep by the 'Bob the Builder' theme song (he usually sings along), if you dare cross him he'll let you know it by flinging a truck at your head. He's got good aim. Truly a talented little boy. We adore him which is probably why he's so rotten.

Today, he sang "Happy Birthday" to himself throughout the day. He was thrilled with the cupcake cones we made and ecstatic when my parents called during the celebration to sing to him.
Happy 2nd Birthday, Josiah!


E said...

Happy Birthday, little man! :)

It's almost astounding how much he's grown & changed.

I'm pinning lots of hope on the 3's being easier than the 2's. We've got a "throw trucks at your head" kinda little one running around here, too. I'm sure he'll magically outgrow this on his 3rd birthday. Please don't tell me otherwise.

Penny Smith said...

Happy Birthday!! WOW! Time flies!
Cora just had her birthday, come by my blog and take a look! :)