October 16, 2009

It's early in the morning and Eli is awake. This is nothing new. He's been waking up early since birth. It's a sweet time for the two of us. He babbles and chatters while I get ready for the day. He needs this time just as much as I need the hour before he wakes up.

It's in the early hours that he gets my attention without interruption. I have time to look him in the face and talk. But he asks intelligent questions that I am incapable of answering. Usually, I say, "We will have to look that one up."

He sat chewing a hulking piece of bubble gum two days ago (proudly purchased with his allowance) and innocently asked me if we could make our own gum. We googled "How to make gum". Then we watched a wonderful video about making gum. Quickly realizing that we wouldn't be making our own gum, the video was still cool.

This morning, he was coloring and asked me how crayons are made. So we watched this. And then followed with how balloons are made.

Using the computer to learn something, as Ms. Stewart would say, "It's a good thing."


markandkatieredfern said...

I remember watching a Mr. Rogers episode that had a video about how crayons are made. I loved it! :)


Team Dragovich said...

Girl, I'm so sad! I barely have time to update my blog, let alone pop over and say "how are you?"!!! But, as usual, you have me cracking up--pictures of you and Jill; you have me nodding and crying out-- YES!!-- question child and needing to be up an hour early to be able to handle the daily barrage; you have me reflecting and reminding myself to do the same-- stop trying to be so efficient and start relishing in this crazy, amazing, God-given life... slowing down and focusing on the miraculous work He has and is doing right here in my own home!!!

Thinking of you lots, girl :) Take care!