February 28, 2009

Photo Shoot

It's been nine months since we became a family of seven. In my mind, we are way overdue for a family portrait. I'm the only one out of seven who feels that way. Sad, but true.

I convinced Seth to relent on his 'no formal portrait' policy. That seemed like the biggest hurdle. I began dreaming about the amazing family photos we would have. The more I thought about it, the bigger and better it became. Pictures of Sally and Josiah in their traditional Ethiopian outfits, pictures of just the boys, just the girls, changes of clothes, outside, inside...on and on it goes. Then I realized that to have the beautiful portraits means taking the family into a studio. Taking five children into a portrait studio and asking them to sit still, smile, change your clothes, don't touch anything, and please stop making that ridiculous face.

My dreams dissolved. Sort of.

I decided that I may not be capable of braving the studio, but I am courageous enough to yell at correct my children in the privacy of my own home. So I offered them a deal: do what I want, when I ask and then you dress up in whatever you want and I'll take those pictures too. Oddly enough, it worked.

I can't say that we got a lot of gems. I can't say that the entire time was full of laughter and giggles. But, I do feel better about getting a few cute pictures of my children.

Those are the cute ones. Letting you believe that all the photos turned out cute would be a fib. These next few are the reality of what was happening off to the side.

This photo best represents my children. Everett wanted me to be sure to mention that he is, "Christian from Pilgrim's Progress before he gets his armor." Just to clarify for those of you who were wondering. I think everyone else is self-explanatory. We still don't have a true family portrait, unless I get some talent and paste Seth and I into the picture below. Maybe we can dress up like a lion tamer and a ringmaster.


David and Amy said...

Perfect photos in my book. I totally love the shots you got.

I have to admit, I get the dreaming about a family photo because I already am thinking about one with our newest member, esp before we go overseas where that would never happen.

E said...

Ha! Totally cute stuff! Even the supposedly non cute ones. ;) We SO need a family photo that includes the parents. My sister in law is a photographer and she took some fantastic ones of the kids in November. Next goal: the WHOLE family. You should find someone like her - they come to your house or a park or wherever. Much better than being cooped up in a studio. Most of the affordable studios are a total crapshoot anyway. There are lots of budding photographers out there who are quite talented and willing to do a shoot for a pretty low fee, then give you everything on disk. Just an idea.

Anyway, great job...you've got such beautiful subjects though, so I'm not sure how much credit you deserve. ;)

Penny Smith said...

Hey you!! THERE is an excuse to come!! Putdoor picture of your family!!

I will do it!!

(just starting my photogrpahy business-so hey! :) )

What 'cha think??
NOT that yours aren't GREAT, but then outside, capturing you as you are-taht is good too! :)

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

SO CUTE!!!! ALL of them! Hahaha

Apryl said...

Okay, Penny, if I'm not going to the studio, how am I going to drive to IOWA?! How about I pay for YOU to visit ME :)

Outdoors won't happen for a few more months though, it was 25 yesterday!
miss you!

shawn and tisha said...

Your kids are so cute! :)