February 12, 2009


Our new puppy is here. He's literally right here, sleeping on my feet as I type. I've enjoyed him most when he's keeping my toes warm. If he's not accounted for he's probably off peeing or chewing on a chair leg. Warming my feet is very nice.

All five of the kids have loved this puppy to exhaustion every day. I keep wondering how adults manage puppies. I would be so busy playing with the puppy that I wouldn't be able to get anything done. If he's tired then he's being good. Even when he's being bad, he's so cute it's hard to be too mad at him. Kind of like Josiah.
Josiah was wearing his bathrobe around today and it was all I could do to muster a weak "no" when he clobbered the dog with a car. Then he found the water bowl. He dumped it out and looked at me saying, "Wawa." Too cute to be trouble.

The Puppy isn't his name. We had much deliberation over the name of this guy. It went down one night after dinner a few weeks ago. I told everyone to give me their top two names and we would make a list. It looked like this:
Aslan (Everett just read all of the Narnia books that week)
Doodah (that was Sally voting for what Josiah was yelling at the time)
Anakin (also Sally, I don't think she know's who Anakin is, but hears her brothers talk about him)
Toenus (Everett said Mr. Tumnus but changed his mind. Ella repeated what she thought he said as her choice. I had to make up the spelling on that one)
Wolfie (from Eli)
Sludge (also from Eli, we've been reading Nate the Great)
Jim and Spock (from Seth, who said that if we didn't choose his names we wouldn't be getting a puppy anyway so why bother with the whole voting thing?)

Then we had to take a break and watch a video on youtube of Star Trek so our kids knew that they didn't want a dog named Spock who Spock was.

After that charade was over, I called out a name and we all just raised our hands if we liked it okay. Oddly enough, when I said Toenus, no one raised their hands. All eyes turned to Ella and Seth said, "Uh, Ella, that was your pick. You should at least vote for it." Then she half-heartedly put her hand up and said, "I didn't pick that name." Huh?

I picked the top three from that vote and told everyone that they could only vote once this go around. Then tears and sobbing began from Sally because Anakin didn't make the cut. Both of Everett's names did and that caused some contention. Neither Jim nor Spock were on the list...it got ugly.
The next day, we were reading Farmer Boy. I mentioned that Almanzo would be a funny dog name because we could call him Manny. All four voices chirped out, "Yeah, Manny!" So...here's the newest member of the clan..."Almanzo 'Manny' Puppy Stop Chasing Her Drop It NO!"
I think it's a delightful name. He looks more like an Aslan to me, but don't tell my kids I said that.


E said...

We had a cat named Mr. Tumnus. ;) I don't think I want to talk dogs today...or maybe I do. I'm sick...so, of course, this has to be the night when Kevin gets back from work at 9 pm...and our male dog for some reason completely unknown to me pees on our female dog AS SHE'S peeing. We're in Colorado & I have to take them out every, single time they have to go and I think he got confused. I'll tell you what I wasn't feeling when I had to give her a bath at 7:30 pm after a long day...it wasn't confused. ;)

So thankful Sally got her cast off! She's beautiful and I love how she simply glows in the pictures...she's just adorable!

I'd have had a hissy fit, too. I've learned to never call Kevin in those moments...and especially never leave voice mails. Cringe. Sometimes he'll call me though...I haven't yet learned how to handle that...and I'll own that I've called him a few times while he's been at the movies or out to dinner on one of his business trips and my reactions haven't been...well...sweetness & light. But I'd love to know why I get to be sick and things have to flood or break or pee on other things when my husband is away?!

Now I need to go to bed! I just had to post because my day echoed your day a little...though I'll admit yours was worse. Five stars from me!

Team Dragovich said...

Almonzo.... how fun :) I think he looks like an Almonzo. You are on my mind so much with all your new life things going on at once-- but isn't that how it is supposed to be?? I mean, let's just admit it, how boring and un-grace-filled would it be if life were predictable and even-keel, right :D!!

Big Hugs from NC...

jill coen said...

As an all things Little House freak, I love the name Almanzo. Perfect for a handsome pup. And I'm laughing out loud at Ella not voting for her own name. Sounds like something i would do!

Susan said...

Almonzo is adorable! Farmer Boy is my favorite Laura Ingalls book. I liked "Spock" too.

Live long and prosper, Susan

Danielle said...

I LOVE laughing out loud. You made me. Well, Seth actually made me. Who is that kid? He's hilarious!!! One of these days I will have to break down and get a dog, but for now, I'm holding strong that "I have enough cleaning up to do around here and who would really be taking care of that thing anyway maybe when you're older (said to my husband)"

We leave in less than a week!!!!