February 24, 2009

Talking Tomatoes

I am sitting here to write a wonderful, beautiful, engaging post about the anniversary of our referrals. I'm a week late at it, but sure it will be worth waiting for...except all I can hear is Ella.

She's trying to finish her phonics. It's been hours. She's hung up on the word "crack" and continues to write "grack" though I erase and correct it over and over. Since her mind is melted, she is singing. It's a familiar tune with the words just so Ellaesque.

"I need to talk to tomatoes...I need to talk to tomatoes..."

I can't type. I can't think. The post will have to wait. I'm about to join her singing, because maybe tomatoes have the phonics help she needs. I'm spent.


E said...

Ha ha! Sounds like Ella & Eben could be partners in crime. Eben can drag out phonics like it's nobody's business. ;) Speaking of...gotta go...

Kari:) said...

Love the Harbaughs!!!

Daneille said...

Abi also gets horrendously hung up on phonics. If it has an 'r' in the second place (such as trip) or an 'm' near the end (such as lamp) he freaks out. Or he randomly can't read words (such as pan) that he has read hundreds of time before. He'll try "pick" or "run" or "plip" but no matter how many times we sound out /p/ /a/ /n/ he'll draw a blank. It's really baffling.