March 5, 2009


Josiah is trying so hard to talk. We all try to understand him, but at times it's impossible. For over a week he's been pulling me into the kitchen and pointing to the cupboard then yelling pleading with me for "Batah". I open the cupboard and give him one of his snacks. He's usually disgruntled and feeds it to the dog. I have no clue what he's wanted until yesterday.

I was making baked ziti for dinner. Sally and Ella were lurking in the kitchen, as usual. Manny was on the rug at my feet, as usual. Josiah was yelling, "Batah!" and I was getting flustered. Not without reason, I think.

Both of the girls were asking me questions about dinner and I finally said, "It's pasta just look in the oven." Then I clicked the oven light on. Josiah ran over to the door and screamed, "Batah!!"

Duh. "PASTA!"


David said...

I'm going to send Taylor's cryptic words to you to translate. Stay tuned.

Crystal said...

I know what I am making the next time you come to my house! Little cutie pie :)

shawn and tisha said...

That's funny! :)