May 4, 2008

We made it home!

I'm completely exhausted, but want to let everyone know that we made it home. The kids are getting along wonderfully. The flight was long (that is a severe understatement, but my brain is so slow right now that I can't think of anything better to say). The kids were good, within reason, anyway. Josiah pooped his way from Addis Ababa to Rome. We wasted two outfits before we even made it through security in Ethiopia! Fetya started shrieking that she had to go to the bathroom while waiting in the security line. One of the guards just took her out of the line through security....without me! Obviously this wasn't an option in our minds. I shedded as much luggage as I could and (with Josiah strapped to my chest) chased after them. It was chaos! So much happened the last few days, but right now I can't find the time to write about them. Hopefully tomorrow. I did get the pictures off the camera. For all of you who have hounded me about pictures--here are a few! Enjoy!

Thank you for your emails and prayers. We were eager to get home, but feel so blessed to have spent a week in Ethiopia.

Peace and quiet until the next feeding or diaper change. I should have been sleeping instead of taking pictures! If only I would have known how exhausting the rest of the trip would be...

This is about halfway into the trip. Josiah slapped at Fetya's sprite and knocked the whole glass into her lap. Her clean clothes were sitting next to her. They were covered in sprite, too. She changed into them anyway--seeing as they weren't covered in beef and noodle dinner. Oddly enough, Fetya is very picky about what she wears. She refused to wear any capris or pants that weren't made of jean. She didn't particularly care for the sandals or crocs I brought. When given the choice, she donned the light-up power ranger sneakers from the transition home.

In clean clothes ready for the last two flights to get home. Josiah didn't make it home in that outfit, he pooped in it shortly before the plane took off. Miraculously, he made it home in the last outfit that I had packed.

This is at the park today. Getting the kids to look at the camera isn't impossible, but requires more skill and energy than I had! Tonight, before Seth went off to bed, he said, "This was honestly one of the nicest days of my life."

I'm tired beyond belief, but I had to agree with him.

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Carpenters said...

Yeah, I can comment again! Welcome home! It is so wonderful to see the whole family together finally! What a wonderful day.

With Love,