May 15, 2008


I've been meaning to write something along these lines for at least a week. Other things came up...mainly parenting five children. And that last post. Yuck. I'm leaving tomorrow with Josiah, and I can't bear to think of that being the post that sticks around all weekend. So I'll leave you with this.

Thank you! From the deepest depths of my heart, thank you. We have been blessed in so many ways over the past few months by you. You have prayed for us and encouraged us. I sat in a hotel room in Ethiopia crying over the words you wrote as an encouragement to Seth and I during a hard few days. It was a blessing to know that so many of our friends and family were lifting us up to God during a trying time.

We were able to pour out blessings on orphans in Ethiopia because of the generosity of many of you. I wish I could adequately describe what we saw and each person we met while there. Thank you for enabling us to bless those dear children.

You have cooked for us. Oh, the sweet sound of the doorbell at dinnertime! Thank you! I've felt bad accepting meals, but it was such a blessing. I came home to a lasagne in the fridge and flowers on the porch (thank you, my friend!).

We've been showered with gifts for our new kids (and our already home kids). It's been wonderful to open the boys' closet and grab another package of diapers. I think we may be set through the end of the year in that department (thanks, Lida and Da). Oh, the sweet sound of the doorbell as dear friends staged a "Gift and Run". The mastermind behind that one was obviously once a youth pastor. I had to take a picture of that one! The kids were thrilled, go and check out his blog to see an adorable photo of all of them at the park last weekend.

I can't say it enough--Thank you! I've tried, poorly, to personally thank each of you. I know I've fallen short; especially since we came home. I've thanked God for your charity and for using each of you to encourage and help us along the way.
Have I gushed enough? One last time--Thank you!


Carpenters said...

I heard about the Waals "gift and run" stop on their blog. How sweet! The park picture is very cute. You all would make a great baseball team.

With Love,

Jori said...

Thank you so much for sharing your jouney with us ... you are often still in our prayers. Congrats on the family!
Blessings, Jori

David said...

Have a good trip Mrs. Harbaugh. I've really enjoyed reading your blogs. Let me know when the kids need adidas gear.

Team Dragovich said...

Sounds like you are so very loved-- YOU ARE!!!! How is it to be mommy to 5??? I'm prayin' that in a year or so from now, I am doing as much laundry as you are in one day (some days I SHOULD do that much laundry in a day!)... Whatever God has planned for us will be good :)...