May 14, 2008

All before noon

My morning started early today. Jo woke up and fussed around. Then Eli woke up...and fussed around. I got Jo to sleep, then laid Eli down. Then Jo woke up, but Eli was asleep. I took a minute to check my emails and saw a foreboding message from the Heinrichs (we travelled with them to ET). She wanted to know if we ended up with any bugs. They did. It took a week for the little buggers to show themselves. Flippantly, I replied and told her that we had checked and checked. Still in the clear. Then the girls woke up and greeted me. So sweet, as I hugged Fetya I noticed a little bug on her shoulder. Odd looking little bug, kind of like a tiny spider, or ant?

With Alice's message in my mind, I went to the leftover medical stuff from our trip and pulled out the lice comb. Without too much thought I quickly ran it through Fetya's hair along her ear and came out with...bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. Some BIG nasty looking bugs, and some little nasty looking bugs. Definitely an infestation.

I checked all the kids. I was a bit frantic, I may add. Jo and I are leaving in two days to go to a very good friend's wedding. I pictured myself showing up with buggy hair. Then I pictured my in laws coming on Saturday and possibly taking home some travelers. They are coming to help Seth with the four big kids while I'm away. What a way to say 'Thank You'!

Everyone came out clear. Even me, I dug through my hair with the comb. I'm the one who has cuddled and slept with Fetya...for almost two weeks. I can't imagine those little guys not crawling over to my tempting scalp. So far so good. I slipped into serious mode and barked out orders to the kids. Completely forgetting that Fetya doesn't understand, "Quick, go strip your bed!" After beds were stripped and linens in the basement, I scrambled to the bathroom. All four kids stripped down then scrubbed their heads with the lice shampoo. Still not sure if this is lice, but it's the best guess I have. Then I sat down, still in jammies, and picked through Fetya's hair. Everett documented a good part of the morning.

Here we are, spending some good quality time together--chimp style. Nothing says lovin' like having your mom pick bugs out of your hair. Oh, and the baby, gotta have him in there. He CERTAINLY wouldn't be pleased if he wasn't a part of the bug removal process.

Nit removing is SO relaxing. Any of you moms who have kiddos that won't go down for a nap? Try this!

Jo slept only long enough for me to throw in laundry load number three and mop the kitchen. After that he was ready for some more bug eradication. Here we are enjoying some time together vacuuming up any leftover buggies. I feel so much better drinking calorie loaded frappucino and eating Kisses after the vacuum workout. I get to do this at least twice a day!

I finally sat down to answer the phone. Load number 5 is in the washer. I still have at least 2 more loads to go. It was dear hubby on the phone. He was calling to inform me that he's going to be late...very late. So, I'm taking a break. Enjoyed sharing my morning with you--I think I hear the dryer buzzing, back to work!


Karen said...

Hi there! I found your blog through the Waal's and realized we were on the planes back and forth to ET with you - the couple going to MI with the little girl?

No bugs have shown up here, but I did have the pleasure of dealing with all that last summer with our two girls after camp so I can relate to the (lack of) fun...:-)

shawn and tisha said...

Oh man! Nobody wants to have to deal with bugs. I hope they're all gone now. :)

Danica said...

i love that baby sling! it looks so cute with your matching shirt.

Susan said...

Oh, Apryl! I don't think Hallmark makes a card for this, but they should! Hope you can get the nasties under control soon.

We're working on a plan to not bring them home. Any suggestions?

Love, Susan

The Raymers. said...

I wasn't sure how much you knew about the buggers but....don't forget your car and stuffed animals! The car can be vaccuumed. The stuffed animals need to be dry cleaned or put in an airtight bag for 2 weeks.

K.P. said...

AAAAHHHH. I'm itching just thinking about it. I sure hope we can avoid this one. Chris and Deacon will be traveling with some serious buzz cuts. My MIL and I have some natural "lice shampoo" that is supposed to create an inhospitable invironment for the little creatures. I sure hope it works. I think I'll lather Levi up as soon as we get him!


Hope they stay away for good!

Danielle said...

THIS IS SO HILARIOUS! I laughed out loud! Hopefully, the bugs are on the way out at this point! Isn't being a mommy SUCH an adventure?!? Love, Danielle

Jill Coen said...

Chimp style!! Oh how you crack me up! Maybe the clipper set we left at the TH will help future families???

the Steiger's said...

Yep we got lice as well when we got back from ET. Jordan had it so did I. I did a blog entry on how to get rid of it the natural way since Jordan is only 10 months and I could not use andy RID.
It worked great and it was the cheepest thing ever. However the laundry never ends. I was washing everything me and Jordan touched for a week. Nothing came back.

Carpenters said...

Apryl, you are a riot. I'm sorry to hear that you had some stowaways come home with you. I'll have to remember the chimp-style quality time next time Alexandra doesn't want to nap. You sound like you have it under control. Way to go, mama.

With Love,

Team Dragovich said...

Can I echo Tisha... oh man!!! I want the plan for not bringing them home!! But maybe we should all just look at it as a "right of passage"??? Sort of like stretch marks? I earned these, and it's okay... HAAAA!!! I hope they are gone!

Penny Smith said...


OK, WHEN do you ahve time to paint your toenails? :)

Are you sure that sling is one right? Tug up the back and the down part more to the knees, and you won't ahve to hold on even when you lean over. Each ling manufacturer has a video-SO worth it! I know! I messed them ALL up because I was too cool to watch the video! :)

Dang those kids are cute! :)