May 8, 2008

Flying 1

Seth had one day off from work once we got home. Tuesday was my big debut as mommy of five. It went well. Exhausting, but well. I was pleasantly surprised astounded! I know, we are probably doing the honeymoon thing, but I'll take what I can get. Here's the rundown of our day:

Fetya found Ella's tea set and made coffee for everyone. "Buna, okay?"

Upon discovering mud in the backyard the coffee ceremony went outdoors. Making coffee became very involved--dandilions, dirt, water, and (sadly) foliage from some of the emerging bulbs.

Blissful naptime! The big kids haven't taken naps for a while, but wanted to be with their sister. I was overjoyed.

Within half an hour of the three kids falling asleep, Josiah woke up. I should have expected that. Just enough time to do a quick run through the house, but not enough time to actually relax. Everett saved the day. He 'begged' to have some quiet time with his baby brother. I, of course, relented.Fetya has fit in so well. When the kids started dressing up, she jumped right in. Considering her affinity for blue jeans, it was surprising to see her don the Tinkerbell costume. Take notice of the matching green jelly shoes (on the wrong feet with mismatched socks).


Carpenters said...

It sounds like you had a great first day! Way to go, mama!

With Love,

shawn and tisha said...

Sounds like things are going really good - Yay! And your kids look like they're having lots of fun together. :)

Penny Smith said...

And have you discovered WAL-MART has organic formula?? I have, "just in case"... I have to know these things! :)