March 9, 2008

Making up birthdays...

Three posts in one day! I'm setting records here!

I'm filling out paperwork to apply for 'non-recurring adoption reimbursements'. It's a bit tricky because you have to apply for the money after you get a referral but before you have court. It seems like they are trying to sabotage your chances of being approved for said reimbursements. I wouldn't dare suggest that our government would do such a thing though. It totally makes sense that AFTER the kids are ours we wouldn't be eligible to apply for these reimbursements. Right. Somehow that makes sense. Somewhere.

Though Seth has been riding me about completing the forms; I waited until now because we weren't sure what our daughter's birthday would be. Duni told us that Kids Care had determined our daughter's birthday to be July. So we don't have to redo ANY paperwork! She's three, we requested two kids 3 and under. We match. The government is happy. We don't have to spend more money on paperwork. We are happy.

We will have to revisit the birthday thing at a later date though. Our little girl resembles a five year old more than a three year old. Let's just keep that on the DL for now.

Upon filling out the paperwork I noticed that our little boy is 5 months old today!


Jill Coen said...

Apryl, oh no! What should I be filling out right now?!

Penny Smith said...

girl name suggestions!!
Penny's two cents! LOL!
(actually, Penny having fun looking up African names! Living vicariously...)

Binah (means dancer)
Halla (unexpected gift)
Kali (energetic)
Kia (season's beginning)
Nadia (caller?)
Jada (Ok, the Will Smith thing might be weird)
Madelyn (that is african??)

My own favorites...
Gracelynn (still like this!)
Scarlett (always wondered if it was OK to be Christian and have a daughter names Scarlett...??? :) )

OK, I'll stop!!

Anonymous said...

Papop says Delaney for our granddaughter and Micha for our grandson. Also Cooper, Mason and
Madelyn or Leigh or Katlin.

K.P. said...

What reimbursement?? Fill me in, and maybe the others on YG so we don't miss something.


Farmboy and Buttercup said...

Seriously, I have no idea what this reimbursement is either. We have our court date on March 26.


Ted and Jill said...

Congrats! I forgot to look at your blog lately and just realized you have your referral! That is awesome. We leave in 5 days to pick up our girls.


Penny Smith said...

OK-another name... I heard a speaker this weekend... her name was Micca (pronounced Micah-my favoritr biblical name !

So there ya Micah for the girl OR the boy!!!

LOVE that name! :)

OK,you need to post again!! :)

Penny Smith said...


Malachi? Children of the corn? LOL!

And Silas... bad guy on "Heroes"??

Just so ya know! LOL!

Penny Smith said...

I have really got to stop! ;)