March 16, 2008


I'm sorry to have left everyone in the lurch. I was hanging out at death's door for a few days this week. Oddly enough, I was the only one sick. I thought as a rule moms don't get sick unless infected by their children. I was wrong. I managed to teach from the sofa in a germ induced stupor. During a moment of clarity, I remember Eli asking if I would "just take the day off".

I probably got sick because I've been unusually stressed out and sleep deprived. I won't go into details, but having two kids halfway around the world is pretty hard on a mom. We sent another care package with the Steiger's who are in Ethiopia picking up their baby girl right now.

I've had a few questions because of the reimbursements that I mentioned. So I need to clarify some things. The reimbusement is through our county but offered to those in our state. To see if your state offers such things visit here.

Second point of clarification: our daughter's age. She is a 3 year old. When we accepted the referral, she was listed as a four year old by the doctor who did her intake medical report. When we had to clarify her birthday, the agency found that the orphanage had her recorded as a 3 year old. So now she's three. No biggie.

Also, my dear friend is driving me name crazy (she obviously needs to adopt again since she has names coming out of her ears). I didn't consult Hollywood as we complied our list. So, yes, a few of the names may be linked to horror films, villians, etc. We thought about names we liked, we checked the Bible, and then we put them in the poll. For clarification on the names:
Miriam-Moses' sister
Salome-one of the three ladies who goes to the tomb after Jesus' resurrection (the other two were Marys).
Silas-Missionary with Paul
Josiah-Boy king in the Old Testament
Asher-One of the 12 tribes of Israel
Isaiah-Prophet to Israel

Now that the poll has officially ended, I'm surprised with you people! I really thought Salome would have fared much worse, interesting... I'll let you know what we decide to do. Seth came home from work and said he had thought of two other names-Lily and Pheobe. Mull those over. If anyone out there wants to make my father-in-law a happy man, name your daughter Delaney. He's been begging us for 6 years to use the name. It's a nice name, really, it is.


Team Dragovich said...

Hi Apryl, it's Shari from YG-- your blog is one of the first I started following when we first began our paper chase. So... I tagged you! Go to my blog to get the details!
Love, Shari

PS. I'm bummed I missed your vote-- my vote... late is for Isaiah and Miriam :) Love Silas, too!!

Chris M. said...

I vote for Malachi and Salome but I admit ever since I did when I see her name all I can think is "Salami" which really isn't appetizing when we are speaking of young children. ;o) I LOVE the name Lily and also am okay with Delaney as a middle name - go Dad H! Chris

Penny Smith said...

LOL! OK, OK... I KNOW they were all biblical names (REALLY I did) But Silas is REALLY a bad guy on the show! LOL!

Micah... he was on Heroe's too ( the little boy) but he's nice! LOL! My husband loved the first season of Heroes!

ANYWAY, I commented on a more recent post my "2 cents"... but are you really (italic that) suprised that Salome outvoted Miriam?? ;)

OK, I get the "blunt to the point of uncomfortable" award!

I'm off your email list-your changing it! I am banned from the blog!!

Apryl said...

I'm going to say this here, and correct you via email, Penny, but it's not Silas, it's SYLAR. I, too, have a husband who used to be a fan :)

I'll forgive you for your mistake!

Carpenters said...

I'm sorry to hear that you were sick. I know what you mean about having two children half way across the world. We're still praying that everything happens quickly and that you'll travel soon.

With Love,