March 27, 2008

General Excitement

This week our agency has called several families with referrals. Before this, we were the last family to get a referral--so a week like this has been long anticipated. We heard news a while ago that 9 children were moved into the transition home--and this week their families got The Call. Go visit the Wests, the Kidds, and the Cordells if you'd like to relive the excitement of getting the news. There were also referrals of four older children. I was wondering if our little girl had lost all of her playmates after the last few families travelled and brought home their children. I'm glad that she has some older kids to play with. I keep trying to picture what they are doing, but it's nearly impossible!

On the preparation-for-travelling-in-hopefully-a-month front...We have made some very serious progress. Well, I haven't made any progress. My dear relatives have. My aunt, cousin, mom and grandma spent last week furiously sewing, assembling jewelry, and baking. The baking is unrelated to the preparation-for-travelling-in-hopefully-a-month, but it was a blessing because I didn't have to make a cake for Ella's birthday. Well worth publicly thanking them AGAIN, because they did a much more excellent job than I ever could have. My cousin is so sweet to spend her spring break working her fingers to the bone. Not very many 15 year olds would be willing to do so, she's a very *special* girl. To avoid any jealousy amongst the family--You are all special! You've blessed me beyond words! They worked on a quilt that has been in progress for over a year. That is another post in itself and definitely requires pictures, so I will wait on that.

Here's the progress...

earrings made: 19 pairs (extras to avoid being without a gift when we need one)

bracelets made: 14

aprons made: 14 (though this wasn't the sewing I referred to)
lotion sets purchased: 4

Still working on the gifts for the men--thanks for the ideas that you guys have given us. I'm going to try to find some inexpensive all-in-one tools. Perhaps our fall back plan will be t-shirts and/or hats.

Here's our birthday girl modeling a much too large apron (this one is lacking the pockets on the front) for the AW house nannies. She obviously isn't going to pursue a career in modeling as she is perpetually grumpy about being forced to have her picture taken.
These are some of the other aprons. We are bringing jewelry for the ladies in addition to the aprons, because I couldn't bear the thought of just giving them some "work clothes". My hope is that they will be happy to have kiddos spitting up on the apron and keeping their clothes clean. Trying to be practical here!


E said...

Ha! Ella is the perfect model. First, she's gorgeous. Second, she'd give real models a run for their money with her model pout/serious face. Models never give cute smiles for the camera. :)

The nannies are going to love these gifts. What great ideas!!!


Susan said...

I LOVE the aprons! So clever and beautiful! They will adore them!

Sounds like your getting it together!

Love, Susan

shawn and tisha said...

Great gift ideas! :)

Team Dragovich said...

I LOVE all your gift ideas!! We are SOOO far away from even thinking about that-- I can't even get my 171 form to come in!! As if it is within my control. I also LOVED, LOVED, LOVED all your other posts. I didn't comment on them, because I didn't want you to miss me telling you that I laughed and cried with you over tomato soup, choking, vomit and more tomato soup. AND... I'm sorry about the snow. I grew up in IL, and I don't miss the weather!
Love, Shari

PS... I Love Lucy is my FAVORITE!!

Jill Coen said...

Apryl, i love the aprons...Ella is so cute! And how come our tickers aren't moving much. Two weeks is not long...those bunnies need to start stepping to the left! ;)

Jori said...

Congrats on progress! Aprons are a great idea. Thanks for sharing with us and can't wait to see some more faces soon!

Blessings, Jori