March 9, 2008

Cooking Madness

Did my last post sound frantic?

After I posted last, a dear friend called and told me that she was coming over. I must have scared her with my rantings. Imagine that.

Since plans had changed for her, she was free to spend the day cooking. Those were the big plans on our agenda once my mom arrived. I waded through school then the doorbell rang and mayhem descended in the form of three more kiddos and their take-charge Momma. It was a very productive morning. We put together 2 dishes of stuffed shells, a lasagne, 2 black bean casseroles, 6 loaves of french bread and a pot of vegetable soup. Then the phone rang and my mom, ever-determined to help, was on her way. By the evening we had added a mexican casserole, a pot of chili, and a gazillion waffles to fill my freezer with enough meals to keep my family fed for at least 2 weeks after we get home from Ethiopia. I honestly thought it was going to take two days to make all of the meals I had listed to freeze. Since we got done on Wednesday, that left Thursday to start on another for the nannies at the transition home.

I have gone back and forth procrastinating about what to bring these ladies. Finally, we had to just make a decision--so we are making colorful aprons. We are still trying to figure out what to give the rest of the folks who work with our kids. Men probably aren't interested in lotions or aprons, right? If you have any wonderful ideas, please leave me a comment, I'm open to suggestions!


Jill Coen said...

you are good! can i have the recipe for the black bean casserole and shells? :) you've inspired me to get ready too!!

Rob & Candy said...

I think the aprons are a great idea!
Isn't it great to have friends and mamas to help stock the freezer?

Chris M said...

What do the guys DO?? Are they part of the transition home or coordinators or something else? For the guys... how about swiss army knives or nice leather belts or engraved pen/pencil sets? Chris M. :o)