February 29, 2008


On Wednesday I got an update from the transition home. Rachel, an America World employee, moved to Ethiopia in January to work from the transition home. I was so excited to read what she had to write about our kids. Our daughter is battling a persistent, nasty ear infection. It's a bizarre feeling to read about the children we've prayed for, but don't know. To read ABOUT them and read that one of them is under the weather. If she were here, we'd probably be able to help her recover quickly under the watchful eye of a good pediatrician. So I read the emails from Rachel regarding our daughter's health and feel quite helpless. I'm going to make a few calls today to get an opinion from my dear uncle (family bias dictates that we all hold him to be the BEST physician in the world).

Back to the update...according to Rachel our daughter is quite a sweet girl and loves to get attention from Rachel. Our son is always smiling and happy. Do they say this about all the babies? I wonder...if your child was a grump, would they tell you? Her kind words about our kids is a balm to my soul. Also, was the picture of the older children that she sent. In our referral picture our daughter looks much older than the 4 years that she is said to be. In the picture with other kids, she looks so small! Rachel said she will write updates every other Friday for the waiting parents. So, next Friday I can expect another. Until then, I'm going to be CLOSELY watching the families who are travelling to pick up their kids this week. You can follow along and perhaps, catch a glimpse of our two adorable kids! Here are the links for families with blogs (though there are two others traveling also): the Harpold's, the Treadwell's, the Wegner's and the McIlrath's.


Zack & Rebecca Caldwell said...

Praying for a fast court date for you guys!

Farmboy and Buttercup said...

Nice to "meet" you. I saw that you got your referral just a few days before we got ours. Fantastic, isn't it. We are also getting 2, a boy and girl and are also ecstatic. Guess I will need to keep checking out your blog.