February 8, 2008

All for naught

This is just an update on a slightly horrid day. The horrid part was really just the MRI experience with Ella. Several things went wrong for us. I won't go into major detail (shocker there). To sum it up: the IV had to be put in before the anesthetic, the anesthetic was unexpectedly administered rectally, and 2% of children don't respond to the anesthetic.

Our daughter happens to reside in that rare 2%. Imagine that. She fought everything, even the sleep inducing drugs. After a second dose, she still didn't pass out. The only good thing: we got some very sweet time together as I rocked her for an hour. She was very sleepy and I realized that I probably haven't sat down and just ROCKED her in a few years! We used to rock every night before bed (very good bonding experience).

After several hours in the hospital, we left knowing we will have to return in the near future. At which time they will administer GAS to my poor little girl.

She left in high spirits though. Seth promised her pancakes at Cousin Ron's pancake house. That brings a smile to even the most shaken soul. I was so tense when we sat down I looked at Seth and said, "I think I need to cry." Then ordered a belgian waffle with whipped cream and strawberries. Ella followed my wonderful example. Nothing like drowning a bad experience in fluff and sugar.


Tgriffith52 said...

Apryl, I am finally ( I think ) able to leave you a comment. I think of all of you often and am praying that I will soon have two more "Neices or Nephews" to love.
Breath..... breath.......in and out. Love, Aunt Teresa

Zack & Rebecca Caldwell said...

I am so sorry to hear that things didn't go too well. We will be praying for her!