February 13, 2008

This is what most people call

a serious case of bed head.

Unless you are Everett (or Robert Smith). When he saw his hair today, he said, "This is what you call a good hair day."

He's completely serious. He tries to make his hair look like this...on purpose! So he's loving that today he did nothing, just woke up and "voila!" hair already mangled crafted to perfection. What's a mom to do?

And, yes, he is wearing a fur vest. I won't even go there.


Jen said...

So funny! He's adorable!

I am glad this isn't just a girl thing. I didn't know boys could be opinionated about fashion too. My seven year old daughter has her OWN style to be sure and there is no arguing with her tastes!

kristin said...

I am more concerned about the fur vest then the hair! LOL

Aunt Sheila said...

Cousin Cameron says...Did you steal that hair style from me? I wake up like that every morning! P. S. Nice vest!

Danica said...

That pose with the face he is making is enought for me!