February 26, 2008

Our Day in Pictures

I'm still a wee bit frazzled after last week. I probably shouldn't be allowed to post anything on a public forum, because it will come out as gobbledy-gook. We had an eventful day yesterday, so I'm going to update with pictures...

Our official documents came bright and early. Here's a shot of me (care of budding photographer, Everett) holding the AWAA referral package. We signed the acceptance and wrote out a large check to the agency to cover the last of the program fees. The mess I'm standing in the middle of? The contents of our office. Seth painted the office walls, but ran out of paint before he could finish. Chaos is lovely, isn't it?

We also mailed the care package to Mel, a mom who is picking her daughter up next week. We sent a photo album for both kids, a blanket for our babe, stuffed animal and bag for our big girl (what girl doesn't like a pink purse?) and a couple little clothing items.

Seth's attempt at putting together our crib...looks great until you notice that the side rail is not attached and just leaning against the crib.

He ended the entire charade with a flourish by tossing his jacket on the floor and growling, "It's so HOT in here!" We keep our house at a balmy 67 degrees. I laughed out loud then called him Chris Farley.


Jen said...

It's so exciting! Not the mess from the office, but the crib being set up (mostly) and the making of the gifts for the kids! What fun!

Farmboy and Buttercup said...

Hi! I just got your blog from a link off another blog.


We have been waiting 20+ weeks for our referral of a sib group of 2 so especially LOVE to read about those referrals (different agency though -- Gladney)

Wow! 9 months on the wait list. It's amazing what you can survive.

Congrats again,

kristin said...

You look so happy! This is so exciting!