November 6, 2007


Every once in a while a wrestle-fest breaks out in our house. For obvious reasons it is RARELY allowed outside of the house. Mainly because we like to leave our house and if our kids broke out into a wrestling contest anytime they wanted to...well, we wouldn't be invited back. Not to say they haven't tried wrestling anywhere and foyer, grocery store, JoAnn fabrics, parking lots, baseball fields, living room of close friend who has immaculate get the picture. Most of the time rolling around with a sib is a great time (until it goes too far and someone gets scratched in the eyes), and this is definitely a condoned activity for carpeted areas of our home. BUT, last night we watched them indulge in some good, hard wrestling at our friends' house. Today, Tracy posted this video on his blog, it's too funny. It will give you a glimpse into what part of my day is like, enjoy!

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Carpenters said...

Tracy's video is so funny! It looks like you had a blast with the Waals! How fun!


(P.S. Gabe really liked your comment about Seth's facial hair or lack there of.)