November 19, 2007

Crop for a Cause

It's taken me the entire weekend to recover from Friday night's fundraiser! There were so many people who helped (THANKS!) and so many kind people who came (THANKS!). I think the evening was a success and several ladies came to me hoping that we would do this again. I don't remember my exact reaction as that night passed by in a blur, but I hope that I politely replied in the negative. I think that everyone had a great evening and perhaps were challenged to get involved in the lives of hurting children.

I have to confess though, in the end, the night was more of a blessing to me than probably anyone else there. It was very humbling. I can't thank everyone enough. It took MANY people pitching in to make this work. I am so thankful that so many people were willing to do various jobs and so many people were willing to come (especially those who don't even scrapbook and just wanted to come to be supportive).

So the grand total--we brought home around $400! I am very happy with this (as I'd rather organize an evening like this than sit in my driveway having a yard sale) and so thankful to the people who helped and attended. Here's the one picture I have to post (since the other is an upclose shot of a dear friend eating and she would probably not talk to me anymore if I posted it online).

Also, in the fundraising realm...The Waals have been a blessing to us lately as they have spoken in several churches about their adoption. When the first group asked how they could help Tracy mentioned our adoption and they took up a love offering for us. They have given us several hundred dollars--we need to get them on some kind of speaking circuit! Thanks, guys!

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Carpenters said...

Praise God that the fundraiser went so well! It looks like you had many in attendance. What a blessing to all involved!

With love,