November 20, 2007

Christmas Shopping

I'm part of an online support group of families adopting from Ethiopia who are using America World. Recently, there has been a discussion of fundraising efforts. In a moment of complete and utter genius someone mentioned supporting each other. Duh. So I'm going to post a few links here, for those of you planning on doing a bit of early Christmas shopping. If you are expecting a gift FROM me, then you might consider looking at the links and letting me know what your requests might be. That would be my elusive way of telling you that I am going to try and do some of my Christmas shopping online, buying things from these families. We all know that Sam Walton doesn't need me to line the pockets of his decendents, but these dear folks could use our help in getting their adoption accounts up to snuff. So skip the mad rush and shop from the comfort of home; from people who actually NEED the money! There's my sales pitch (not too bad considering...) and here are the links:
Scrapbooking materials from Creative Memories
Handmade soy candles
Ethiopian Adoption T-shirts scroll to the bottom
Ethiopian Adoption T-shirts
Simply Love T-shirts password kiki, click T-shirt link on the left
Hilary's Hope-awesome purses
Fair Trade Coffee check the left side of the blog
Books and bibles scroll to the bottom
Current-paper products

Hope you have fun shopping for a good cause!

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