November 4, 2007

Calling all croppers

Neither Seth nor I are salespeople. Especially selling something that someone doesn't absolutely, positively need. Because, honestly, we couldn't even sell ice water to a parched nomad.

This doesn't bode well for a couple who are heading down the 'fundraising' trail. After running through many brilliant fundraising ideas-I realized they all revolve around selling a product--my old junk (ie. yard sale), cookbooks, coffee, candles, T-shirts, home decor, spaghetti, pancakes. Then I thought about scrapbooking. When I talked to Seth about hosting a crop, he laughed out loud and said, "I don't get it, so ladies bring their own stuff and sit there all night scrapbooking and they pay to do it? They don't get anything, what are they paying for?"

I don't have a good answer really. Which goes back to my being a poor salesperson.

I had to change my focus a little bit to force myself to come out of my unconvincing sales position. I have to see our adoption as something bigger than our family. Needing funds for our adoption is only part of the reason for the crop, the other focus is the plight of children all over the world. Seeing "real" people adopting, seeing "real" children without families, makes the community realize this isn't Hollywood. There are real people behind the stories, and hopefully, this night will allow some of these ladies to see adoption as a reality. If one gal hears my story and picks up a brochure from AHOPE or America World and makes a difference in a child's life, that will be the ripple that makes the treacherous part of "selling" worthwhile.

I hope that in sharing what God has done for us, I can encourage those who have been hesitant to be courageous by stepping out in faith, in whatever God may be calling them to do. I guess, last of all, I can bring home some money for our adoption! I feel much more comfortable with the idea of fundraising when I look beyond my needs and think about the bigger picture. If only 5 ladies show up, the change in my adoption account won't be obvious, but if two of those ladies are encouraged to become involved in foster care, or support an HIV+ child every month...that will be making a difference with far reaching results.

With that said, if you live in my area, and are free November 16, take some time to gather up your pictures and spend an evening with friends scrapbooking!


Carpenters said...

Oh, if I lived in the area, I would so be there. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Gabe and I feel the same way about fundraising. God really blessed us with some amazing friends who stepped up to contribute to our adoption without us asking. Our church also did the same, which was a real blessing. We'll be praying that the 16th is a success.

With love,

Elaine said...

Hi Apryl,
You don't know me at all, I was directed to your blog from the Waal blog. I am an avid ethiopian adoption blog reader as my family is beginning the process.

I have an idea for your fundraising dilema. Please check out
You could sell them after church - it's fundraising with a community benefit! (I'm the president, so if you have ANY questions contact me throught the website, and I'd love to answer any questions you might have)
Good Luck with the scrapbooking!

Apryl said...

Thanks, Elaine, I'll go check out the website!