May 7, 2007


Eleven hours after pulling out of the driveway, my children and I returned home. Tucked safely into my "adoption" file was our *nearly* completed dossier! We are still going to have to wait on the document from Virginia, but I will have that sent directly to the agency to avoid extra delays. Tomorrow the entire thing goes off to DC, and after FedEx's recent *incident*, I'm a little nervous!

Our day was frantic, this morning we visited a friend who lives just across the county line. She's a notary, she notarized several documents, then we realized she lives JUST ACROSS THE COUNTY LINE. After our visit with her, we drove to the county seat, in her county-about 45 minutes from our county seat. And though it's in the middle of nowhere-there was a taco bell in the town so we were well fueled for the afternoon. By the time we made it to our local courthouse it was 1, and after taking an impromtu and ill-timed tour of the county courthouse we left with certified documents in hand. I realized then that the capital was 2.5 hours away, and it was nearing 2 o'clock. Throwing caution to the wind I gunned the minivan down the highway hoping to make it to the Secretary of State's office by 4:30.

By then I was running only on Mountain Dew, wondering how much of the kid's brains are being fried by watching perhaps three four FIVE movies in a row. I realized that Eli was beyond repair when he started playing "Superman vs. Invisible Guy" with his fists. The clock was ticking though, so I pressed on and determined to worry about the children later. We arrived downtown at 4:10, but spent ten minutes trying to find a parking space. I parked illegally (sort of) and we raced inside. Amidst whining from all: Everett has never had to pee so bad in his life, Ella is tired of walking (after sitting for 8 hours, then walking half a block), and Eli put his recently hand-me-down cowboy boot on with a sock wadded into the toe of it. I pulled off the cowboy boot in the elevator and put on his sock then jammed his foot back into the boot. Then told Ella that she'd be taking a nap for the ride home if she didn't toughen up. I repeated this to Everett and told him we could go to the restroom AFTER we dropped off our papers. At 4:25 we arrived at the window. Just 30 minutes later we were back on the road with our beautiful gold seals. And this, hopefully, will be the last "exciting" post that I make until I'm telling the story of our referrals!

For all of you who are wondering about my parental skills after reading this post...Here's a photo of the kids and I on a better day in Chicago last week.

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