May 14, 2007

As clear as mud

I think lately I have been a little...distracted? I've updated this blog amidst chaos and it has been evident in my postings. So I'm hoping to clear some things up today!

Our dossier is currently in DC waiting to visit the embassy, afterwards it will board a plane for Ethiopia. Once there, it will be translated then submitted to the governing body and we will wait. We will possibly wait until winter, or maybe until the end of the summer, we don't know (see this post for more on timelines). One day the agency will call us and tell us they have found children for us, then we will wait a while longer and then go and get our children. We have no idea on the timing for this, but I do know that it's going to be a while before we go anywhere and I will hopefully post with clarity from now until then!

I'm hoping to hear news that our dossier is on its way to Ethiopia in the next week. For now I'm going to rest in the knowledge that it's all out of my control now and enjoy the last few weeks of school with my kids. Yes, we have WEEKS left so if you have any interaction with my children--mums the word on school break starting at the end of May.

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