May 7, 2007


I'm having very angry feelings towards FedEx right now. I'm getting geared up for a big day racing around certifying and authenticating documents (probably totalling 7 hours in the car with the kids). As a precaution to decide whether I really SHOULD drive 2.5 hours to the capital, I checked the status of the authentication in Virginia. Our document never got to the Secretary of the Commonwealth. I called FedEx, hoping that I misunderstood what I saw on the tracking page, but nope, never got there. And they aren't going to try and find it. I get to file a claim. I'm a little irritated, but trying to trust that God's going to work it all out. Won't this make a great story to tell our kids later on, "We sent this paper THREE times to Virginia before it finally got done."

Off to try a third time to get this done, then proceed with the scheduled activities for the day. And yeah, I'm making the drive to the capital because I no longer trust FedEx to actually DELIVER my paperwork.

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HawkOsky said...

Seems as if FedEx waits until it really counts before they mess things up. As you'll probably remember, we had a similar experience. See our posts: