April 23, 2007

Movin' right along

We just got an email and our homestudy is DONE and on its way to USCIS. Hopefully we will get our 171 (approval for adopting internationally from US government) in three weeks. I'm guessing on this, time estimates are so fun irritating. Paperwork is slowly trickling in from various places around the country. We recently had a strange experience with the USPS. We have a document from our agency that has to be certified in Virginia. I mailed it to the Secretary of the Commonwealth over a month ago. Last week I received a letter from them, with all of my documents enclosed. I had inadvertently forgotten to enclose the payment! I honestly don't know how I manage! I recall putting the check in there..I think. In addition, the envelope had been burned on its way to VA. Not completely burned UP, but burned enough that we would need a new document from our agency. So weird, but stranger things have happened. Today I fed-exed the new documents, with a check to VA. I think their turn around is about 3 weeks also. Everything seems to be going smoothly, then these little hang ups come along.

I know that God is in the hang-ups too though. He can see the whole picture and knows when we NEED to arrive in Ethiopia, so I'm trying to just trust that He will take care of paperwork. Whether He's expediting it or burning it! Trusting Him to do things perfectly and to control the adoption from beginning to finish is much easier.

I got shots today for yellow fever and typhoid. I'm not up to a barrage of emails about immunizations (you know who you are). It's done, I'm innoculated against these critters and I'm still alive and functioning. Though my checkbook is short $150, thankfully Seth found out that he can get these vaccines though work for free. Unfortunately, he didn't decide to check into this until 7:30am today (we have had these appointments for 6 weeks). The gal at the health department was not pleased with his lackadaisical attitude about keeping his appointment. I told her to let me have it and I'd happily pass it along to my procrastinating spouse. At that point I thought I was getting a vaccine in my tush, and was very displeased that I didn't have him there for moral support. Alas, my sources are outdated and I didn't have to pull down my britches, just lift up my sleeves (sighs of relief).

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