April 19, 2007

Just another day

Last night we got our rough draft of the homestudy! So I'm feeling good about progress. There were only a few teeny, tiny things that needed clarification. I think we should get the final copy anytime now, but I'm waiting on the social worker to give me a call. Meanwhile....

Today I hosted about 10 ladies for lunch at my house. It's through a Bible study that I attend, very low stress lunch-everyone brings their own lunches and we eat and talk about what is going on in our lives. Kids aren't invited, since we wouldn't be eating or talking if they were around. We would be chasing and rebuking. And lunch would go from one hour to three or four (I have personally experienced this). So I dropped my kids off at a friend's house and raced back home to ice the cake I made for dessert.

Sidebar--I've never made a from-scratch cake in my life. I attempted this last night when I remembered the lunch date. I casually glanced into my pantry and I didn't have a single dessert mix in the house (usually I have a few brownie boxes for these sort of times). I did what comes naturally-called my mom. She started throwing ideas out of things to make, but I didn't have any cocoa-for some reason an ingredient in every dessert she recommended. She screams, "How do you NOT have cocoa? I think I've had the same tin of cocoa for years! You never run OUT of cocoa!"

I realized that I could make a carrot cake and still make dinner in enough time to make it for church. I'd just zip into the corner grocery store on the way home and get a tub of icing. No biggie to ice the cake the next morning. Unfortunately, the store closed three minutes before we got there.

So this morning, I went to the store on the way to Bible study, got my tub of icing, went to Bible study, THEN I dropped off my kids with my friend. As I'm icing the cake, the phone rings. It's my friend, the school just called and they needed her to bring a change of clothes because her son had spilled red applesauce all over his pants. She couldn't fit all the kids in the car, she needed me to come and get mine. When I got back to the house I shooed my kids into the yard, told them sternly not to come inside and gave them some lunch. Everyone is having a grand time. The kids are out on the deck snacking and the ladies and I are right inside the glass doors talking and eating. All is well, sort of, my cake is halfway iced and my kids keep peering into the glass doors, but I feel okay about how things are going. THEN one of my friends says, "Did your daughter pull her pants off?" I look outside and Ella is sitting on the deck facing us with Eli standing next to her. She looks clothed to me, but its hard to tell. As I'm standing up to further investigate she stands up too (probably realizing that she has drawn attention to herself). She's got her skirt around her ankles, and in an attempt to be modest she turns her back to all of us and bends over to pull up her skirt. Revealing her 'whatnots' to all of us eating inside.

The first thing that Eli says when I got out there, "I told Ella she could pee outside, but I asked if she peed out of her bottom. So I told her to sit on the deck and hang her bottom off to pee. She might get a splinter on her bottom though."

I shrill," Gracious! I'm not worried about splinters! Go inside and use the bathroom!" Many things are zippng through my mind, one of them being how to explain to my four year old that girls don't pee out of their 'bottoms'. Not an appropriate time for that discussion though. Also make note to mention to the kids that though boys can easily pee outside it is not okay to do that while a bathroom is easily accessible.

Thankfully everyone got a good laugh out of it, and my kids showed me that they really will go to great lengths to obey me. I guess I should be more specific next time.

By the way, that cake was absolutely, positively worth all the trouble!

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