October 16, 2012

Our Warriors

Our children are...

I could put many words here depending on the circumstances of the particular day, but lately they have been...warriors.

Hauling them here and there for one reason or another.  Making blankets at one unfamiliar church.  Sitting for a few hours in a pew of another unfamiliar church during a fundraiser.  Organizing for a blanket party at our church.  Tying and cutting and helping with Josiah.  Josiah takes the fleece scraps and ties ankles together while unsuspecting blanket makers are busy.  He favors me by choosing to tie me up most often.  Everett kept him busy by making an entire set of 'Lord of the Rings' rock characters at our church this weekend.

This business wears him out.

They help me fold and roll the blankets then pack them into boxes.  We work together to haul the heavy boxes to the post office.  It usually takes all 6 of us.  One for the door, one to watch Josiah, and the other three carrying boxes.

While we do these things we talk about the kids or the trip.  They are eager to be the ones making the plans and boarding the plane.  I pray one day that each one of them will go to Ethiopia and meet these friends they have heard so much about.

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Karen said...

So sweet - hug all your kids from me too! I so appreciate all your help and all their help! ~Karen