October 15, 2012

More Blankets

The email came from Karen a few months ago.


This year we will be visiting a new CarePoint in the village of Korah.

There are 210 children who attend and they have asked for blankets.  I put out the word, just a little trickle of a word, and waited.  My fear was that by asking for loads of help, I would detract from the fundraising for Kind Heart's new building.

As November is drawing closer, blankets are beginning to pile up in my house again. It is a wonderful sight.

The most amazing activity, to me, is watching people from all walks of life come together to make blankets for children.  It is so much more than simply writing a check. Each piece of fleece was chosen for a reason, then trimmed and cut.  Some blankets were tied in the living room of an elderly woman as she watched Wheel of Fortune.  Some were tied by children in a church fellowship hall.  Some were tied by several ladies as they chatted around a dining room table.  So many different blankets put together by so many different people.

This is an incredibly short video I put together for the times I wanted to share a little of the story from last year and introduce the project for this year. 

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