October 19, 2012

Blanket Count 2012

Writing a title like that makes me feel like a sportscaster.

Today, I loaded my van to the top with 40 blankets that have bounced through several homes before they arrived in my living room.  I'm mailing them to Italy tomorrow.

This year, I feel like I am sitting back and watching miracles.  Last year, I think I was chasing miracles.  Which is more like running in circles, when you think about it.  I am guarding against worry, though it's creeping in as I tape these boxes up.

I suppose...if boxes do explode blankets all over the tarmac in Addis, and they don't make it back into our hands, then we can trust that the person who took them really must have needed them.  And that's the worst thing I can think of.  Besides the blankets being made and just sitting in my living room all year.  That would probably be worse.  All done up and nowhere to go.

I'm trying not to run in circles this year, since I hope I learned from last year that God provides for the needs of these children and just uses us as a delivery service.  I'm happy to turn the planning, providing, and worry over to God and just deliver the lovely packages to the beautiful children.

The astounding news is that the monstrous spreadsheet says we have 267 blankets 'pledged'!  Now, we just watch and pray that they will all make it out of the basements and living rooms and into the plane headed for Ethiopia.


b00mer said...

I have two ready for you that will be mailed on Monday!!

Heather said...

Wow, that was fast