April 9, 2009

Post Placement Visit

We just had our 12 month post placement visit from our social worker. I'm assuming all is going well since she left the kids in our care. It may have been the wildest visit she's ever had. I can't pinpoint what may have made it seem crazy. Maybe it was the baby climbing on her as she took notes. Could have been the puppy careening through numerous times. The bigger kids were only in and out 32 times during the hour she was visiting. I vaguely remember the phone ringing. Then it was all over. She's such a nice woman to put up with us and our chaos. That was our last visit with her. Sniff.

Until we adopt again.

Only kidding, folks! Here are some pictures for our post placement report.

I confess that both pictures of me in every post placement report have been staged. As in, "Quick, grab the camera and take my picture we have our visit this week!" The above photo was taken by Eli the day before our visit. I was directing him on how to take a picture and glanced over to see what the puppy was into when he snapped it. Seth wasn't involved in the photo choosing and was a *tad* upset upon viewing the pictures. Something like, "Yeah, look at what you got vs. me and Sally." I thought it was a great shot of goofball Sal entertaining her daddy.

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the Osterink family said...

Shoot. I was the phone ringing. I apologize! I needed help! Thanks for the love as I boarded the plane. We will talk soon. And yes, I did regain feeling in my legs eventually, but then lost it agiain later. This adopting thing takes a lot of energy!