April 9, 2009

I needed that

Josiah pulled back the shower curtain today. Then he pointed at me and said, "Bahnmrh bhayy mmmmphhh!" and laughed. Two things came to my mind immediately:

What in the world does that little butterball think is funny?

Perhaps it's time that he doesn't come into the bathroom with me while I'm showering. He can run around unsupervised downstairs if it will save me some embarrassment.

Later, Sally asked me why I have such big bunions. 'Bunions' is the term Eli coined for our hindquarters. Not having a very good reply for this I muttered something about being a mom and getting old. Probably should have muttered something about chocolate and poor exercise regime instead.


1 comment:

Daneille said...

I remember thinking, when I was little, that my mom had a really huge rear end. My mom was only two years older than I am right now when I was Danika's age (does that make sense?). Surely my rear end can't be as huge as my mom's seemed, can it??