April 8, 2009

Blogging Funk

There is a stain on the carpet in the boy's bedroom. It's urging me to blog.
Reminds me of the time Sally puked on my legs just as we were going to the Creation Museum with the Dragovich family. That was pleasant. Well over an hour from home, no change of clothes, and I'm covered in vomit. What's a gal to do? Pull out the wipes, the antibaterial goo, and head to the women's restroom upon arrival at the museum so that you can half-heartedly rinse the vomit out of your shoe laces while no one is looking. We lost Ella and Sam for a while that day. Good thing it was just us and a busload of Mennonites. I even made all of my kids wear red shirts so they would be highly visible. I don't know how those two slipped away.

Shari is soon to be adding two more to her clan. After hanging out with me for a few days I honestly thought she would have called the agency and told them to just forget about it--no referral call needed. She's a brave lady.

Though I haven't posted in a while, life is still screaming along. My mind can't seem to be still enough to generate a single interesting thought. I guess the highlights of our past week would go something like this:

Seth was gone for five days. I can't imagine being alone all of the time. That is all.

For the first two weeks on the market we had five showings. They managed to time themselves just about every other day. It was unpleasant. We haven't had a call since. Life is more pleasant, ie. less mad dashing about to clean and bake goodies that mask the smell of five children, puppy, and a guinea pig that refuses to kick the bucket. Have I ever mentioned that none of the kids EVER flush the toilet? Chocolate chip cookies are good comfort food after learning that the house is still ours--but they aren't the wonder house staging item that you would expect. The hope of being united with Seth in our new and exotic destination is dying quickly.

Three of the five children have been sick. Everett has an overactive gag reflex (read: he pukes easily). Combine that with a weak stomach...remember that scene from Stand By Me? His worst nightmare. He'd probably throw up just watching the movie. Not that I would ever think of letting him watch it. While I'm on the topic, why do kids always wait to get sick until the middle of the night? I can't think of a time that any of my children just up and vomited in the middle of the day. Always at night. Without warning--they always eat a nice big dinner and then wake up and retch. They must have been feeling a little 'off', but never mention it until AFTER the nastiness.

Everett started coughing and expelled a chocolate milkshake on his bed and the creamy speckled carpet in the bedroom. When he saw the mess on his hand and then stepped into it...again, remember that scene from Stand By Me? Seth was the first to the bedroom, and immediately deemed himself unable to manage anything. I think he's missed most of the puking that has happened over the past year. Just by chance. He's out of practice and it's made him WEAK. (Stuck that in for you, dearie). He did get me the cleaning supplies and garbage bags. And he started the dirty stuff in the washing machine. As I was finishing the scouring of the vomit stained carpet, he returned from the laundry room and said, "No offense but I can still see an awful stain on the carpet. And it smells pretty bad up here." Thanks so much, my dear. Did you happen to notice on your way up here that IT'S THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT and there are two other boys asleep in this room? I'm not breaking out the steam cleaner. The stain is still there, by the way.

So I don't blog for three weeks and this is what I come up with. I'm so sorry. I've been living in a homeschooling, feverish, children and animals everywhere bubble. I have serious topics gurgling around, but I. Cannot. Go. There.


Daneille said...

At least you tried to clean the stain. When Danika barfed on the stairs last week, I was satisfied that the dog had eaten it. And I nearly fell out of the car laughing last night when I heard the same thing on a story about "true mom confessions" ...

the Steiger's said...

My kids don't flush the toilet either!!! It is driving me crazy!
All of our carpets need cleaning. Oh well. It is finaly nice outside I think we will go out and play there.
Love, Lenka
PS: I hope your house will sell soon!

Danielle said...

I haven't been up to blogging much either...and I've cleaned out two pairs of underwear this morning from a rogue flu virus that just showed up in my 5 year old. Easter week for a pastor. Almost as bad as the middle of the night or when hubby is away. I hate how sickness ruins plans! Good luck with your house! What a pain.


Renee' said...

I darted home for 30 minutes between appointments etc. today and had the wonderful luxury of cleaning up four piles of dog vomit. UGH!

As far as the age thing goes... yeah, I don't care how old they are, but I would like to get an accurate idea for their sakes. It would stink living your whole life not really knowing how old you were!

Team Dragovich said...

I"m sorry I've been missing your posts, dear Friend! This one is a keeper :) You have to tell me all your latest news!!