August 20, 2008

Week in Pictues

So much happened this week and I can't begin to write about it all. I'm overwhelmed with tasks at home and would really like to. sit. still. Everyone keeps asking me, "Have you been watching the Olympics?"

Huh? Remind yourself what you are asking. "Have you managed to get prepared for school, deal with medical issues, doctor visits, house cleaning, cooking, taking care of kids, and spending a moment with your husband and then sit down in front of the TV and watch other people being active since you didn't get to run today?" Yeah, not so much.

I caught a glimpse of the rowing while waiting at a restaurant 2 weeks ago. I enjoyed that while I could (since rowing holds a special place in my heart). I've enjoyed hearing about it, but end up feeling guilty since we haven't seen a lick of the games at home. Guilty about NOT watching TV; something is wrong with that.

Anyway--now that I've wasted all that time that I could have actually written about our week, I'll post the pictures--THAT I PROMPTLY DELETED FROM MY MEMORY STICK. I can't believe it. Looks like I'll be re-taking "first day of school pictures" today (day 3). Honestly, I'm a buffoon.

We started school on Monday. It was a little chaotic, but actually went well. I think the kids enjoyed themselves. They were THRILLED, I'll say it again for emphasis, THRILLED with school starting because they've been locked out of the basement for weeks. I did that last year with much success. It adds to the anticipation. Sally clamored for workbooks and pencils and the like so she caused no problems (on day 2 she grabbed a phonics workbook from Eli's stash and was just about to get going with a marker when I stopped her--she's an eager learner). Josiah played, ate, and napped. He did just what I had scheduled.

Tuesday, I realized that we wouldn't see Salomae's back as it is again. Ever. She's in a cast, she won't come out of the cast until surgery. Then she'll be back into a cast and hopefully heal up without a bump. So I took some pictures while she napped. So sneaky.

Today, she had her casting. It's not pretty, folks. She hasn't lost her ability to grin, but she can't move her head at all. AT ALL. She ate cheerios for 'lunch' when we got home (they knocked her out this morning to do the casting so she did without breakfast). Have you ever tried to eat cheerios without looking at the bowl? Her self-feeding skills aren't that graceful in the first place, but it's genuinely a mess now. We also can't figure out if she should sit or stand. She's got this space-age seat belt that lets her lie down on the seat of the van. She's not happy there, but terribly uncomfortable in her car seat. Everything seems to be a choice between the lesser of two evils. And she,"...wants this thing off and her brace back. Thankyouverymuch."

"You fool, why are you taking my picture in this thing?" She's a little grumpy upon realizing that it's a permanent piece of equipment. So much happier after eating and getting dressed...still looking awfully uncomfortable. Did you notice the handy 'Thanksgiving meal' hole in Sally's cast--they think of everything, don't they?

After a day like today, I decided to just go ahead and bring the girls (and Josiah) to the salon. On a whim (sort of), I hacked my hair off. I'm tired of looking like a tired, frumpy, mom of five. I can't do anything about the tired and five kids, but a limp ponytail? So I cut it off. Ella was so excited, but when it was her turn she bawled. I made her get a trim nonetheless. I'm a meanie. And I'm lazy and didn't want to cut her hair myself. Sally really wanted a hair cut, but she doesn't really have much hair to start with. Considering the gal had to cut my hair while I held a squirmy 10 month old; she did a good job. Photo taken by Salomae in such a manner that you can't admire my hair aside from seeing that most of it is gone. Finally.

That has been our week. I just realized its only Wednesday.


Team Dragovich said...

Sweet Friend,

I have been praying so much for Sally, you and everyone in the family. I think of you constantly... "God, protect Apryl this moment", "Father, give joy and peace beyond comprehension to the Harbaugh's right now." "Lord, hold them up in this time of uncertainty."

Your hair is too cute! I wish we lived closer, so I could give you a hug... Congrats on starting school! Sorry, this is a disjointed post. I wish I could express my thoughts better... but just know that some people in North Cackilaka are loving you much and praying for you strong.


KLT said...

I just did the haircut with the child on the lap myself a couple weeks ago -- always an adventure!

As for your busy's a prayer for you (maybe you recognize it):

...we keep on praying for you, that our God will make you worthy of the life to which he called you. And we pray that God, by his power, will fulfill all your good intentions and faithful deeds...
(2 Thess. 1:11 NLT)

Love and prayers, Kristy Tapper

The Gillman Family said...


We are still praying!
With lots of love,
Kim (YG)

Jori said...

Oh Apryl ~ You have had alot! So glad you were able to shart school and that Josiah co-operated; I love it when the kids are excited to learn! I can not blame Sally for wanting "this thing off"! You are guys are thought of often and still praying for healing. Hang in there momma!
love, jori

Lauren said...

I love the 1st day of school pics! Save them...then you can display them all at their graduations! :)

Hope the school year goes well!

P.S. Love love love Salomae's pigtail/buns. Too cute!

Prayers & Love,

Farmboy and Buttercup said...

Wow! Amidst some incredible stress in your lives right now, you still have a great gift for producing entertaining posts.