August 28, 2008

Little, Teeny, Tiny Update

All is well in the land of plaster and foam. Except for the stink of urine that hangs in a cloud around my daughter. I don't think she notices it; so I'm not making it an issue. Don't let her know that I've spread it all over bloggy world, but she wears a pull up to bed. I guess better stated, I could say, she has a pull up around her legs while she sleeps (since the cast keeps us from putting it on her properly). Then, the urine flows up along her back saturating the cast.

We are going to be dealing with the cast for a while. I think we may be stuck at home after next week because of the smell. Really. I think I caught a whiff of it at the surgeon's office (Seth told me that it was Josiah's diaper, but I don't know...).

We had two appointments today. One check up on the cast. "Yep, it's going to get stinky. Hmm, use some masking tape to cover that area and spray her with Febreeze." That isn't too much better than what I was already doing. It's sort of worse, really. I've got a pretty good mental picture and it makes me laugh. The little news-she's going to get the cast off the week before surgery to let her skin get nice and healthy (and CLEAN). That means we have about 4 weeks until it comes off.

The second appointment was with the pediatric surgeon who will be "assisting and helping with access" during the surgery. He answered our questions very thoroughly and reassured us that we are in very good hands. He also went into detail about the surgery and where they are going to be cutting, etc. but I'll avoid discussing that we really need to go there?


beBOLDjen said...

Nothing like stinky pee to rouse the senses... and the gag reflex. This is one of those moments when it's nice not to be in the other person's shoes.

Thanks for the update. We'll keep Salomae in our prayers.

The Gillman Family said...


We are praying for 4 weeks to come soon for all of you. Asking God to lift you up!
Kim (YG)

ethiHOPEia said...

Uhhh...I can only imagine. I had a cast once and it was torture. We keep you all in our prayers.
I know you are really, really busy. I was just wondering how you communicated with Salomae when you picked her up? We'll be getting a two-three year old in a couple months and wondering how it will go!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I spoke with you on the phone last month about AWAA. We did decide to go with them, and just got the application approval phone call on Friday. I spent a few minutes reading your blog and I think you are amazing. I will pray for you and your family tonight. Blessings, Jen

the Steiger's said...

I just wanted to let you know that we prayed for you and your family on Sunday at church. Thank you so much for keeping us posted and we are here for you. You are doig great. Give Sally lots of hugs and kisses from us.
love, The Steigers