January 24, 2008

I'm Back

My kids and I just returned from a week long trip to visit my sisters (we flew on skybus and I would suggest if you can swing it to use them, I got $20 tickets!). I arrived home to a message from my aunt requesting an update on my blog. She's frantic about a phone call she heard about from my grandma who heard about it from my mom who heard about it from me. Why do I bother blogging when the grapevine works so well?

To appease my aunt, who is probably my most diligent reader, I will have to update on this mysterious phone call. First, I want to post links to two families' blogs who are in Ethiopia right now picking up their babies. The pictures are fabulous and the video is great and I soooo wish that Seth and I were there with them picking up our kids, but first we need a referral! Go check out the Carpenter's and the David's journeys!

So back to the phone call...
I was at the library and couldn't answer my cell phone. When I checked the message it was a Virginia number and my heart jumped. Then I thought, "Nah, calm down it's probably nothing."

So I called Duni back, but she was gone. Her message stated that she had a quick question for me. I was kicking myself for not getting the phone; and wondering what "quick question" meant. That wouldn't be what she said if she had our referral, right?

When she finally called back I was in the van with the kids (plus extra baby). Before I answered I told the kids to "SHUSH, This could be important about the babies!!!" (say that fast, loud, and filled with drama and you will get the idea). Evidently, that worked because they sat silently listening to my end of the conversation--no arm flapping for silence needed.

The quick chat went something like this:
"Apryl, I got a call from Ethiopia yesterday. We know you requested a boy under 12 months and a girl under 3 years old. They were wondering if you would be open to adopting a 4 year old girl."

"Of course," Me, dumbfounded, cannot speak, cannot even think straight.

"Okay, great, have a nice day."

I grunt a reply and hang up. Pretty eloquent. Pretty thrilling.

Then I sat and nearly cried. I don't know why I almost cried, maybe because I'm a dufus or maybe because one day in the near future I'm going to hear the names and ages of my children. This is finally happening, folks! We are inching along, but this is progress. Sort of.

When Seth finally returned my frantic call, he shot questions at me left and right. And I had no answers, because, well, see above conversation. By the time I spoke to him I had determined that Duni was calling just in case--you know, hypothetical. Then I got to my sister's house. Imagine the torment there--two sisters plus my mom--"Well, what did that mean? You need to call her back. She won't care." They drove me crazy until I emailed Duni about the call. She emailed back saying, "In reference to your question; yes, we do have potential children but please know that there is a lot of process taking place behind the scenes before we can refer children. We are required by law to have all the medical and social history of a child before we inform prospective adoptive parents. All I can tell you and your family is to rest assured that we are actively processing your case. But as for time frame…we are working to have you complete the adoption and travel by early spring."

Now, I'm pretty pumped about that response. I won't hold her to the "travel by early spring" part, but just to know something would be great. I'm trying to be patient, carrying the cell phone with me always, possibly peeing my pants everytime it rings. To all you who call me on that phone--stop. Call my house, leave a message--retro, but I assure you that it will work. And I'll have a few less gray hairs.


Jill Coen said...

Apryl, I'm jumping up and down for you! It's coming!! I read on another blog to change the ringtone for the agency on your cell phone so you won't pee your pants EVERY time it rings, just when that certain ring tones sings. Just an idea. You are CLOSE to your new blessings!
love, jill :)

Zack & Rebecca Caldwell said...

WOW! That is really awesome news! You guys are troopers, and we are praying that you will be with your children soon!!!

K.P. said...


You are too funny with the peeing the pants when the phone rings. I did see a post on another blog about how the mom had the same problem with others calling her cell. She would freak everytime it rang. So...she gave her agency a different ring tone! I have tried it with my phone, but not sure what number to put in. (I know they have more than one line.) Anyway, it's worth a shot if you have a number to program. It will sure save on laundry. :)

K.P. said...

Boy...can you tell I didn't read the other posts before posting mine? Dito to Jill's!

shawn and tisha said...

This is so exciting! You are getting so close!

Jen said...


I am so filled with excitement and hope for your family. I am asking the Lord to touch each and every person responsible for tying all the loose ends together and gathering the necessary papers for you.

Ah!Sooooo close......can't wait!!!!

the Steiger's said...

I go blank each time Duni calls. Then Fil ask questions and I have no answers.
I am so excited. It means it will happen soon!!! Now only if our Oct.19th group could go get the babies so there is even more room at the house. Maybe I will get to see your kids there when we travel. (just a thought) Can you tell I am going crazy here!

Danielle said...

I never read this post (oh, and forget my question about pictures :)!) I was missing out on your great blog because I didn't have a link from mine! I'm such a dork. Oh well! No time like 12:27 a.m. to try to catch up a little :) Oh, and (now for the advice you don't need!) maybe it will help to remember this blog--THIS day--on days like today (2/8) when this crazy long process hurts more than usual.