January 3, 2008

Eli is FIVE

Five years ago our youngest arrived so quickly that Seth and I hadn't quite figured out what to name him. After a quick post-birth discussion we decided to name him Elijah Judson. Now he's known as 'lij, 'lijah, 'lijabah, Elijah Judson (when in trouble) or just JUDSON (when in really big trouble), Burpmaster, and Heyyou.

He is a mellow, easy to please little guy. Though he definitely has his moments of TOTAL and COMPLETE fury rage relentless passion during a wrestling match (we have had to call him off of adult men to keep THEM from being injured).

Today he requested my famous cream of potato soup for his birthday supper, appropriately named "Divine Potato Soup" because, surely, potato soup in heaven will taste like this. Here is Eli enjoying a little bit of heaven.

We are celebrating with our extended family at the end of the month, but we had to have cupcakes and ice cream on his actual birthday. Here's a blurry, but cute, picture of the birthday boy blowing out his candle.

Eli is thrilled to be five, when he woke up this morning he said, "I'm as old as Ella now!" Much to her dismay.


the Steiger's said...

Happy birthday ELI!!!
from the Steiger's

the Steiger's said...

Hi Apryl,
about the puzzles. I got them at Costco before christmas and there were two of them. The world puzzle (http://www.abroaderview.com/products/gp.htm) and Usa one (http://www.abroaderview.com/products/usapuzzle.htm) The Usa one is much easier my boys just put it together in no time. I like it because the pieces are shaped like the states of US. The world puzzle is done in a same way and it makes it very hard but fun. Good way to lear geography.

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