September 1, 2015

Day 6, oops, Day 7

I am typing while holding an infant who woke up from his nap too soon.  He must have heard me power on the laptop and pour my cup of coffee.  My mom says that my sisters and I used to hear her open a can of Tab from miles away and come running for a sip.  Maybe it wasn't the sound of the soda popping open, but the sound of a mom relaxing.  I won't be able to write just as I had hoped, but I do want to explain my lack of posting yesterday.  I have two great reasons!

This weekend brought unexpected excitement.  In the form of two babies that we welcomed into our home.  They needed a place to stay and we were willing. We aren't sure how long they will be here, but we are trying to enjoy each moment. 

A baby hasn't been living in this house for seven years. That's a long time to forget about the waking up at night for bottle feedings and structuring your day around nap time.  We have been given a rude awakening.  Last night, I played the don't-let-the-baby-fall-asleep-during-dinner game.  You know, the one where the baby didn't take two full naps so he's ready to pass out in his high chair, but you know if he does you will be up all night?  It's a test of your creativity and your resolve.   We did win the game and managed to keep him up until 7:17, at which time I finally said it was close enough to give him his bottle.    

I'm living the life of homeschooling mom to five in addition to a toddler and baby.  It. Is. Wild.  It is also an opportunity for our big kids to step up and take turns helping with these littles.  The toddler is an escape artist, and I'm terrified she may actually succeed in her pursuit for freedom.  Her brother is content and chubby.  He is so chubby, he's been waking me up at night for an extra bottle.  Chubby and The Artist plopped into the tornado that is our family with their mess of sippy cups, bottles, and teeny tiny socks.  I feel cheesy saying it, but we are genuinely being blessed by having them here, even if it means I am breaking my vow to blog for 100 days straight.  Show me some grace, I'm taking care of seven kids right now.


Anonymous said...

Take all the grace you need... You're an angel!

Apryl said...

Thanks, Kelly! This comment is all I will manage for today!