September 18, 2012

Bean Finale

At the end of the 'bean experiment', no one mentioned all of the bean consumption that had been going on around the house.  That, in and of itself, is a successful experiment.

I mentioned to Seth that he might want to read my blog during some downtime this week.  I piqued his interest by saying, "I've been doing a little experiment."

That guy, I couldn't believe it, said, "Did it involve beans?"

I just fed a family of seven for almost a week for about $20!  That's $12 for bean dinners and lunches, and another $8 for breakfast (eggs and spinach smoothies).  Our pizzas on Friday night cost more than our entire week!  If I took this little unscientific experiment and applied it--really applied it--we could potentially cut our food budget by 75%.

I enjoy eating a lavish meal, but at what expense?  If our eating habits prevent us from doing more good for others, then we need to change.  Perhaps for your family that change may be dramatic, perhaps it will be something that they won't even notice.  My crazy bean-eating week proved that my family really doesn't notice what I'm feeding them!

The weighty conclusion of this silly experiment:  we are going to make some changes and use them to benefit others.  Money that we ate will now be money we can spend on more important things.


kellygriffiths said...

I love this... the fact that finally someone is saying that the money we spend on ourselves could be going to help others. I guess I have no excuse not to make my food budget. Wow. And I LOVE beans.

Becky said...

yes - I always get a kick out of people who spend a lot of money on going out to eat. What does all that food and money end up as??? :)

Daneille said...
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Daneille said...

Awesome! (My other comment was deleted because I accidentally typed the anti-robot code into the comment and it was weird.)

Jodi Rabquer said...

This is fantastic Apryl. I haven't read your blog for awhile and now I remember why I was addicted to it for so long. Back to being one of your top fans. You really should print this off and publish it. You could make a lot of money in book form. :)