July 2, 2012


I am watching our little boy begin that transition into adolescence.


One minute he stands in the backyard fort as the pirate captain.  The next he's too busy with his ipod to be bothered by anyone.

Even me.

He's worn out my Tolkien collection.  They were pristine until he read them a dozen times...last week.  I'm amazed.  Then, he dons hobbit apparel and directs all of the siblings into appropriate costumes and tells them what member of the fellowship they will be.

Tonight we went out together--just the two of us--for ice cream and bantering.  I needed a haircut and tried to coerce him to join me.  He laughed and said he wasn't about to let that lady touch his hair, rolling his eyes as if I had lost my mind.

When we got back home he slipped into bed and, as I walked into the light of the hallway, he whispered, "You didn't kiss me goodnight." For a while longer, he remains, our little boy.

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