July 12, 2012

Kind Hearts School

The classrooms at Kind Hearts are crowded with children who are excited to be given the opportunity to attend school.  Many of their friends and relatives do not have an education.  They are proud to be students, wearing their tattered uniforms and sitting in the crowded classrooms.

There are many children around Kind Hearts that roam the streets during school hours.  Their families don't even have the money for the necessities.  Education is expendable.

As the children are fed, educated, discipled and as the school becomes more self-sufficient, another need becomes obvious.  There are many more children who are in desperate need of what is being provided to these 150.

The solution, it would seem, is to add more school rooms. Right now, the rooms are quite full (envision mother hubbard).  By adding another building, just like the existing one, with four classrooms, another 150 children could attend Kind Hearts.  This is a pressing matter because of time.  School is on break right now, but will start again in September.  Donations towards this, right now, will enable the school to add the building and enroll students for the upcoming school year.

Pictures from previous posts show how sponsoring a child can change their life.  More classrooms mean more children who can be sponsored.  That means more children who are fed and educated while still living with their families.  This program, to me, provides for children before they become orphans.  The single mother of five young children would never dream of providing what her children now receive through Hopechest sponsors.  Not only are her children fed and in school, but she has been given hope.

Many people believe that the only way they can help the orphan is by adopting. That is simply not true! This is a unique situation, because it provides a way for caregivers to keep the children with them. The children who are in the sponsorship program are in desperate situations. Their lives are radically changed once they are given a good meal on a daily basis, education, and hope. Donating to an education fund seems frivolous. This is more than just an education. You are giving, food, clean water, education, and hope to a child. I am going to host a fundraiser in the next few weeks, but wanted to share this burden with you now. You can donate by visiting

 This is a specific webpage hosted by Hopechest that will channel all donations into the building fund. Karen has written in more detail about the building project. You can also visit her blog for more information: www.family-from-afar.blogspot.com

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Karen said...

So well said. I so appreciate your insight and your commitment to these kids! Hugs - Karen Wistrom