May 29, 2012

Wonder of Boys

A friend began a new blog and emailed me with a link to her first post.  She weaves a poignant tale of adoption in her life.  It's a lovely post and I would encourage you to visit her. 

Just in case you don't heed my advice, I'll do a rather sloppy job of trying to explain what she's doing over there.  Besides admiring the wonder that comes along with having wonderFUL boys in your family, she's advocating for boys who are in dire circumstances and desperately need families.  Seth came over as I was reading her recent posts.  He shook his head and walked away, remarking, "I don't know why you do this to yourself."

I suppose there is no purpose in reading their stories and looking at their pictures, unless I pass along their stories. These boys (and another 140 million orphans) need our prayers.  They need families who will step up and adopt.  Most of the boys on the blog are from Eastern Europe.  It's heartbreaking to see the pictures and know what their future holds.  That future might have been Ella's as she was a mere six months from moving out of the baby house and into a huge institution.  Her future would have been very bleak---a three year old, severely delayed and missing a limb...I don't allow myself to imagine what might have become of our sweet little girl.

This is a video of Beau that I pulled from Daneille's blog.  Beau's a few years older now and still waiting.  He's charming and grabbed my attention right away.  Visit her blog to see more children, share the information, and help these boys find homes.

I'm not demanding, just strongly encouraging you.


Daneille said...

Thank you, Apryl!

Daneille said...
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Daneille said...

Here's a link to my June Fundraiser for Jack!