May 3, 2012

For the mother who has it all...

Sometimes I'm stuck without a single idea when it comes to gift buying.  Sometimes I'm struck with a great idea and then something better comes along.  This opportunity would be the something better coming along.

The Davidson family is making wonderful cards for Mothers Day.  All of the proceeds will be donated to the building fund for Kind Hearts.  Right now the kids are squeezed into the four available classrooms.  It was fantastic to see so many children (150) this year, but disheartening to realize that they are beyond full.  In order to allow more children into the school, they need more room.  Karen explains the project much better on her blog:

If you would like to order a card for the special women in your life, visit the Davidson's blog at:
Davidson Party of Five

I've been lax in sharing this, hurry up or you will miss this great opportunity.  They have already raised over $2000 towards the project!

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