June 7, 2011

Lego Olympics Around Our House

We missed the local Lego Olympics and pacified the upset family members by promising to do one at home. Only a few rules: no pre-made Lego creations and everything must be an original. Pretty simple family fun.

I awarded five prizes (mini-figures) for:
Most Original--Everett (2 ships, one with a tissue as a sail)
Most Functional--Elijah (Lego roller coaster and ship with working propeller)
Most Beautiful--Sally (House with palm trees, pond, and lawn mower)
Most Unusual--Josiah (What we called 'The Odd Couple', ninja and pig in a house)
Most Legos Used--Ella (Very large Lego town)

I had to add an honorable mention for Most Square because Seth participated; he didn't win a mini-figure. He also didn't spend the entire amount of time creating his large...square.

The kids had a blast. It ranked high on my list because it was something new, easy, and cheap.


Becky said...

No photos??

Apryl said...

Computer virus ate them :(

Team Dragovich said...

Love this idea. So, you have a certain amount of time to create whatever Lego structure you can dream up? Did you divide the Legos up first or leave them in the big bin (I'm assuming that's how you keep your legos). Did they all work in the same room? Was there drama? Wait... there's always drama, when will I get over it?

Sounds fun, Friend! Thanks for sharing :)